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Pioneers who turn waste into green

The heart of Hanjer’s business is about preserving, maintaining and improving environment and searching out sustainable solutions that complement progress. It practices and propagates a Green Way of Life and encourages the society to choose sustainable, low-waste, recycle-friendly, green-conscious initiatives.


On the business front, Hanjer is committed to develop green technology and processes that will help set new global standards in waste recycling and resource recovery fields, towards a brighter and greener future for life and earth tomorrow.


Hanjer is an India based corporate house with global visions. The Hanjer business operates in a vital and sensitive area of Civic Authority-Community participation. The operation has great impact on important issues like civic facilities, health, environmental pollution, social behaviour, land prices, administrative functioning, and civic image. To execute its function as a responsible corporate,  Hanjer is  in constant dialogue with the two principal stakeholders in the business- the Civic Authorities and the Community.


The Green Heart


The Green Heart is Hanjer’s initiative to reach out to the community and inform and inspire them to choose a green way of life. Hanjer hopes to integrate better with the society and be the catalyst to drive change for an aware,  green life. The Hanjer Green Heart symbolises Hope, Future, Change and Action. It will be highly visible symbol for Hanjer’s planned community contact initiatives in different cities of operation.



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