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Green Steps



Join me to take some simple steps and make the world greener. Write to me with your green ideas to hanjergirl@hanjer.com . If we like it we will create a button send it to you and and credit you on the site for it.


Help us spread green messages.


Learn the power

of recycling


By recycling your home items you can make a difference, locally and globally. Before throwing away stuff, think whether you can have another use for them. Whether someone else can have use for them. Try and buy items made with recycled paper, plastics, wood, glass etc. Spread the consciousness and believe that each of us can make a difference.


  • Every ton of recycled paper saves 40 foot trees
  • Every glass bottle recycled saves enough energy
    to light a 100W bulb for 4 hours
  • Recycling 1 Aluminium can can save enough energy
    to run your TV for 3 hours


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